2021 Acts

Headliners: Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband

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Ryan Shupe has a crossover style that is fresh and unlike any other.  He and his band put on a great show that is unique, creative, and entertaining.  Playing a wide range of instruments and musical styles, the band appeals to  rockers, fans of bluegrass and jam bands across a broad age range.  Stellar musicianship, witty lyrics, sing-alongs, and introspective ballads take the audience on a highly energized rollercoaster.  With amazing and versatile musicians, Shupe’s original songs are highlighted with hot instrumental solos and tight vocal harmonies. Thoughtful lyrics, rapid-fire vocals, dynamic musicianship and hard driving arrangements make the live show a sure-fire winner!

Lacey Williams

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“With her throwback style and playful country delivery, it’s hard to believe that Lacey Williams’ musical introduction was the study of classical piano and violin in Tokyo, Japan, where her dad’s work in the hotel business had them living for much of her childhood. When her dad hired a western swing band from Texas to play at one of the hotel restaurants, the musicians quickly became family friends and the fiddle player offered Lacey a few lessons.  She was hooked, switched from classical to fiddle, and never looked back.  The fiddle and folk tunes connected with Lacey and she began writing lyrics and melodies of her own, reminiscent of the old bluegrass standards she was learning. Years of practice later in the United States, Lacey joined her cousins in a family bluegrass band.   They toured regionally, and Lacey cut her teeth playing the upright bass, guitar and singing the quintessential three-part harmony…”

Rise Up Children’s Choir

“Rise Up Children’s Choir is an advanced level performance ensemble comprised of children ages 6 to 18 who have strong music and performance skills. This choir performs at professional, community and private events throughout the season, and on a final concert at the end of the year; and produces at least four music videos each year that are streamed on the Rise Up Children’s Choir YouTube channel and across other social media platforms. The choir also performs and records with other renowned artists and presenters for live events and videos. Past collaborators include Gentri, Broadway stars Dallyn Bayles and Elisabeth Evans, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.”


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